Two beautifully illustrated children's books set in the beautiful bush setting - Canberra.

"A lovely memento of our visit to Australia, and a beautiful gift to take home for the grandchildren."

What people are saying about Phoebe Digs Politics...

"I received my copy of Phoebe today and I just wanted to say it's brilliant!! Looking forward to reading to my school kiddies. Will there be another one??" -- Aussie mum and teacher

"Phoebe is a fav at our house." -- Aussie mum

"We think you are absolutely brilliant and love Phoebe!!!!  I've had to pretty much read it daily [to my little girl].  She now knows the Australian Flag by sight as well as what the "House of Reps" means.  THANK YOU!  We are treasuring it." -- American mum

What people are saying about Clyde's Prickly Ride...

"Thanks to your book, we'll never be able to go past a ferris wheel without taking [my children] for a ride again!" -- Aussie mum

"I love how [my son] states 'I remember when you took me here' (meaning Floriade), every time we read your book together." -- Aussie mum