Minky Robinson book series...

Minky Robinson is a young adult/teen series about an Australian girl who moves to Sydney to live with her grandparents above their antique shop. Minky finds a chair in the shop that enables her to travel to all different places... and times!

The first book in the series is called Minky Robinson: Chair Traveller, the follow up book Minky Robinson: Secret's Unlocked was released in April 2019, the third book in the series Minky Robinson: No Love Lost was launched in January 2020. Book four, Minky Robinson: Not Forgotten was released in October 2020 and the final book Minky Robinson: Last Goodbye is coming out in February 2022.

All of Angela's published paperback books can be purchased here.

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What people are saying about the Minky Robinson series...

"Read 'No Love Lost' yesterday. Started it after lunch and could not put it down. Loved it. Congratulations on another excellent read."

"Our year 5 girls have really been into the Minky Robinson books!"

"Just finished reading Minky Robinson: Secrets Unlocked *sob* it is SO GOOD!!!!!"

"I want the next one already! I completely love it!"

"I just lose myself in your writing and get carried away with the story. I love it!"

The Capital Adventure picture book series...

Three beautifully illustrated children's books set in a stunning bush setting - Canberra.

"A lovely memento of our visit to Australia, and a beautiful gift to take home for the grandchildren."


What people are saying about Hope's Dawn Service...

"I love the humour, and the Australian fauna mixed with such iconic landmarks. I felt such emotion reading them." -- Aussie Mum and Childcare Professional

"We love your book. Got a little something caught in my eye when I read it." -- Aussie Dad

"Awesome Book!! We love it already!  [My child's] favourite page is Hope snuggling with her mummy." -- Aussie Mum

"I like your writing. Your words inspire greatness." -- Aussie Year 3 student

"I took some books that you wrote to school today and everyone loves them." -- Aussie Year 4 student

What people are saying about Clyde's Prickly Ride...

"Thanks to your book, we'll never be able to go past a ferris wheel without taking [my children] for a ride again!" -- Aussie Mum

"I love how [my son] states 'I remember when you took me here' (meaning Floriade), every time we read your book together." -- Aussie Mum

"My children love your books." -- Aussie Dad

"Both my nieces LOVE the books.. when they drove past Floriade in October [my niece] yelled out to Clyde as they went past the ferris wheel." -- Aussie Aunty

What people are saying about Phoebe Digs Politics...

"I received my copy of Phoebe today and I just wanted to say it's brilliant!! Looking forward to reading to my school kiddies. Will there be another one??" -- Aussie Mum and Teacher

"Phoebe is a fav at our house." -- Aussie Mum

"We think you are absolutely brilliant and love Phoebe!!!!  I've had to pretty much read it daily [to my little girl].  She now knows the Australian Flag by sight as well as what the "House of Reps" means.  THANK YOU!  We are treasuring it." -- American Mum