Angela's cake was the shape ofa typewriter when she was 7 years old.

Some very early writing/stories from Angela's collection!

Angela has also had her writing published in magazines too.

FAQs and fun stuff

Where do you get your ideas?

I really love reading and the more you read the more you think about story. Whether it was thinking about what would happen with characters next (which is like fanfic) or thinking about how I would have changed or built on a story to make it mine.  Now I see stories everywhere... whether it is something I hear or read in a news report, trying to solve mysteries, or even just having conversations with friends and family. There are stories everywhere!

How did you get the idea for the "Capital Adventure" stories?

I have a few answers to this... but the truth is a family member works for ACT Parks and Wildlife and his stories at family dinners about animals needing help out of sticky situations was likely the biggest influence with characters and complications. I'm also slightly proud of my city and what it offers, so it was the perfect setting.

How did you make your picture books?

Let me tell you, the writing part was the easiest bit! I sadlydo not have the gift of drawing, so I first needed to find someone who had that skill. I found Ian Coate online and reached out to him. The books honestly would not have been made without his guidance and talents. Even the third book that was illustrated by the brilliant Elin Tan wouldn't have happened without Ian, as he was the one who connected us.

You're 'self-published', what does that even mean?

It means that I published my books myself instead of going through a traditional publishing house. It means that I've paid the publishing costs and for the books that get printed. I don't get an upfront payment from the publisher, but I do get reimbursed if someone kindly buys one of my books! It's been an interesting journey and I've learned a lot in the process. In fact, I've grown to love the whole process and not just the writing parts.

Where did you get the idea for the "Minky Robinson" series?

Minky was rattling around in my head well before I published the picture books. I'm obsessed with researching my family tree and while doing so, got thinking about how incredible it would be to time travel back and meet some of them. I especially loved talking to my Nan about her childhood - how different things were (like no flushing toilets... ew!) and hearing about how much she loved her grandparents. That's how Minky was conceived, but she wasn't born for a long time after that!

What made you write your "Choose Your Own Way" books?

I was thinking about character POV (point of view) and thought that I hadn't written anything in second-person narrative. I sat down to give it a go and a story came out. I honestly had so much fun building the story and all the different paths they've kind of become addictive.

I really love that you can make one choice lead down the path to be the reader's worst nightmare or their best day ever! I also really love the interactiveness of these kinds of books in eBook format. Links make navigation in these kinds of books so much easier than page numbering!!


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